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Blanched Nai Bai in Oyster Sauce

I love Naibai, I could eat it every single day. I also love its deep green hue which seems to whisper to me that it is full of healthy stuff that will make my hair grow long and shiny and contribute a glow to my skin. I love everything about it, and here I am going to share a quick recipe on how to make Naibai yummy as hell!

Homemade Kimchi

Remember I shared the little story of how my mum forgot to buy the crucial ingredient in making kimchi last weekend and we ended up with no homemade kimchi? (that snippet here Well, we have 2 big boxes of homemade kimchi in the fridge now! Store-bought Kimchi is so expensive and too sour for our liking, so my mum has been making it at home from scratch since close to a decade ago.

Yummy Green Smoothie

For many, the idea of blending raw vegetables and fruits together and having to gulp it all down without any added sugars seems like a pretty nasty proposition. I too was not too welcoming to the idea of drinking raw spinach, having been tricked as a child (okay, so I was really 15 at that time) to down a shot of wheatgrass juice -- that was hoooooorrid! But two years ago, I came across an article online singing the praises of green smoothies, pointing out its many health benefits and how delicious they actually taste, and how it is so easy to get addicted to it, and so I decided to give it a shot.