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Nyonya Duck Sioh

This fantastic Peranakan dish gives off great flavour but isn't all that great on the way it looks. It took a whole lotta effort and time to try my best to get the best shot of this duck dish. I mean, the taste is so incredible, but I can't exactly let you try that over the monitor, so the best way is to entice you with the best "eat me, eat me" photos I can capture.

Nyonya Pong Tauhu

I am so excited about writing up the recipe for this Peranakan dish as it is my FAVOURITE Nyonya dish! Having eaten Peranakan food all my life, and being exposed to the many different classic dishes (all prepared with heart and insane talent by my dear grandmother), it might seem a surprise to many that I have chosen this as my favourite as 1) it is a soup, and soups are rather rare in Peranakan cuisine, their specialties revolve more around their thick and heavy gravy, and 2)  it is a clear soup. So there are NO chillies, NO rempah, NO vibrant colours.