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Blanched Nai Bai in Oyster Sauce

I love Naibai, I could eat it every single day. I also love its deep green hue which seems to whisper to me that it is full of healthy stuff that will make my hair grow long and shiny and contribute a glow to my skin. I love everything about it, and here I am going to share a quick recipe on how to make Naibai yummy as hell!

KM adaptation of Pasta fra Diavolo

I came across this pasta recipe on pinterest last week and decided that I just HAD to try it out. The photo looked enticing, the required list of ingredients was very simple, and the method was minimal. On top of all those factors, the name of this pasta was one that I had never come across before at restaurants and cafes.

Healthy Lotus Root Chips

The healthy lifestyle seems to be all the craze nowadays with "skinny" recipes popping up everywhere. I am all for promoting good health but more often than not, foods that are healthy don't taste very good. However, in the past couple of years, I have come across so many recipes for incredibly tasty dishes that happen to be really healthy as well!