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Week of Rest

My family has been hit with a case of the sniffles, cough and sore throat. It started with the husband, passed on to yours truly, then the son, followed by the daughter. So I have been busy with taking care of the kids, and nursing my own throat.

Kitchen Missus is now officially hosted at Bluehost! It took me 3 days to complete the migration process from my previous blogger account to this account and while it was absolutely tiring - having to firstly get acquainted with this alien blogging platform that is wordpress, then having to customize the theme that I would be using to the very minute detail (I have css coding for padding that reads 7px or 3px), and then finally doing a detailed check on every single post (I imported my previous posts direct from blogger) plus whether or not my posts have been graded SEO "ok" or "good" - I had fun.