All in Pasta

Crazy Creamy Tomato Pasta

It's pasta for dinner again at my household and today I decided to go decadent with a craaaaaazy creamy tomato sauce paired with spaghetti. The creaminess of the sauce is attributed to the richness of Mascarpone and I incorporated this sauce with a handful of sweet prawns cooked in a garlic butter, and the result was truly spectacular. I don't even want to delay sharing this fantastic recipe with you any longer by sharing too much redundant text here in this post, you gotta get started on this recipe right away!

KM adaptation of Pasta fra Diavolo

I came across this pasta recipe on pinterest last week and decided that I just HAD to try it out. The photo looked enticing, the required list of ingredients was very simple, and the method was minimal. On top of all those factors, the name of this pasta was one that I had never come across before at restaurants and cafes.

Lazy Mum's Slow-Cooker Pasta

This is something I discovered by chance out of sheer laziness some months back when my daughter started to eat foods other than porridge and milk. On my first try at this recipe, I was apprehensive as to whether or not my picky son will warm up to it, and lo and behold! (Pheeeeewwww) he LOVED it.