All in Children

Tasty Carrot and Pork Congee

When my kids were in their pre-teeth stages, I was told by my mum and grandma to start the long journey of preparing porridge for them everyday as an addition to their diet which, before this, consisted only of milk. So that was what they would eat every single day - the same old same old simply because I could not think of any other variation to the plain porridge cooked in the slow cooker in a ikan billis broth with small pieces of fish and chopped up spinach. They must have been so bored of that, because as soon as they could eat other foods, such as pasta and rice, they completely rejected porridge.

Beat the Heat - Popsicle Sticks

A sure-fire way to beat the heat! These homemade popsicle sticks are easy to make and totally customisable - fill them up with OJ, Milo, Cranberry Juice, smoothies, even coffee! (if you're making them for the adults, of course) The weather is getting warmer here in Singapore and as I was rummaging through my kitchen cabinets just over the weekend I found these long plastic packets that we used to fill with this sour plum juice that we would make and then freeze them and have as snacks on a hot day.

Lazy Mum's Slow-Cooker Pasta

This is something I discovered by chance out of sheer laziness some months back when my daughter started to eat foods other than porridge and milk. On my first try at this recipe, I was apprehensive as to whether or not my picky son will warm up to it, and lo and behold! (Pheeeeewwww) he LOVED it.